Marc-Ryan Group

Our Story


Founded in 2010, and headquartered in Chicago, Marc-Ryan Group is an advisory, publishing, and commercial services company.  We are dedicated to producing and sharing the very best fresh and useful ideas that leverage the expertise of our founders, expressed in the ways our readers, viewers, customers, and clients want to engage.

At our founding we knew there was untapped potential for new and creative ways to engage our clients and customers and that the diverse skill-sets of our founders could be harnessed in truly complimentary ways that would drive different and better outcomes for our clients.  By the time of our founding in 2010 the angst of the previous decade was beginning to fade while the ubiquity of the digital transformation of the economy was impacting every imaginable industry.  We understood that certain elements of business strategy and customer engagement would never vanish in this new paradigm.  Command of the fundamentals was more important than ever, as well as the skill to navigate those core tenets of business into the emerging data and digital-driven business world.  At the heart of our co-founders' sense of opportunity was that creativity would be the spark that would perpetuate business.

We are a creative company.

The spark of creativity is the driving force behind all of our endeavors at Marc-Ryan Group.  We connect the thread of creativity across our client's needs through to the delivery of content to our readers and viewers.  Gone are the days of simply repeating what was done before to get a similar result.  Instead we draw inspiration from our experience and explore creative and better ways to help our clients strategize for their future and address their challenges today.  We develop these creative ideas in partnership with our clients.

We are a company of ideas.

We love ideas.  They are the seed of what's possible.  We think of ourselves as being unbounded by traditional corporate dogma and are purposefully boutique, which helps us to find non-traditional connections across disciplines.  From the beginning we set out to do business our own way.  Business models may change, but the principles of commerce are still sound.  We help our clients kindle their inventiveness and to develop their very best ideas.

We help bring yours to life.

Creativity and ideas are the first two steps of creating a meaningful outcome for our clients.  Bringing those ideas to life is what makes the difference in our clients achieving their goals.  We have four core areas of expertise and honed our capabilities to offer client engagements that truly drive new thinking and bring creative new ideas to life.  We do this in a way that is both refreshing and built on the most important elements of business—partnership and trust.  We use our expertise to create the very best ideas that will inform, encourage, transform, and inspire real and lasting success.

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What's In a Name, Anyway?

Our co-founders knew their passions and interests would take their business to places they could not foresee from the outset and so the name they chose for their company combines their first names for a sense of informality and friendliness, and includes the word "Group" as a means of inviting and including new ventures and business interests that may come, creating a family of like-mind creative endeavors.

Our Brandmark

Our brandmark, or logo, is also a reflection of the playfulness and energy that Marc and Ryan intend to broadcast through their company.  At its center is the “RM” symbol with the reversed “R” that is fully joined with the ”M”.  Derived from their personal monogram, the “RM” symbol is a playful representation of the duo’s balance, differing perspectives, and support of one another—which is foundational to the Marc-Ryan Group company.

Our Color Palette

Bursting from the “RM” symbol is the soleil—a corona of sunrays representing light, energy, and the vision of our company founders.  Light gives warmth and creates the conditions for growth—in our case for ideas and business.  Our signature "magenta" color is energetic, bright, and intended to embody l'énergie du soleil.  Our supporting color of purple represents warmth, richness, and depth—an inviting visual analogy to our depth of experience and capabilities.

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