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Food & Style Consulting


We have developed a specialty for providing an creative styling and editor's eye to the visual dimension our clients depend upon to deliver meaningful imagery.  Our food and style consulting capabilities span multiple industries and disciplines to provide our clients with well-rounded experience able to generate new and fresh perspectives that enable them to connect with and adapt to their clientele's tastes and desires.


Food, Prop, & Tabletop Styling for Commercial & Media

Powerful imagery that captures the attention and resonates with customers to create a meaningful connection has never been more important.  Imagery that makes such an impact must be thoughtfully composed and flawlessly executed.  We work across industries and media channels to style and establish visual motifs, themes, and on-set vignettes for major brand photo shoots and videography, focusing on food, props, and tabletop.

We provide an editor's eye to create fresh and chic perspectives that are actionable, marketable, and relevant to the new ways of engaging the contemporary customer and clientele.  We partner with our clients to breathe vibrant and lasting life into their vision.

View our Food & Style Portfolio for powerful visual examples of our work.


Restaurant Menu & Aesthetic Development

Restaurants are places of creativity that, unlike any other profession, harness multiple senses to deliver a complex sensation and feeling.  Great restaurants are innovative and allow for experimentation to explore the new, while also providing consistency for their clientele, guarding the classic.  This not an easy balance.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide structure both front and back of house.  We develop menu strategies to ensure the restaurant's vision is delivered fully through each service in an intelligent and consistent way that resonates with clientele.  We also create the necessary elements for a re-creatable plating and visual style to support back of house quality and delivery.



Retail & Event Consulting

A retail company's buying strategy, visual concepts, displays, and customer event activations are four areas that require regular innovation and investment to be and remain competitive, well-regarded by its clientele, and consistently successful in achieving sales objectives.  We help our retail clients navigate strategic buying, refreshing floor sets, launching new products/lines in-store, creating fresh window concepts and displays, and planning premium in-store events.

VIC (Very Important Client) premium programs and activations are critical to establishing and retaining lasting customer and client relationships, based on trust, engagement, and a sense of exclusivity.  Additionally, incentivization can be an effective tool to cultivate customer loyalty and drive sales.  We develop thoughtfully planned VIC programs that control costs and develop the right kind of customer relationship over the long term.

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What We Do:  Business Strategy / Creative Design / Publishing & Media / Food & Style Consulting