Marc-Ryan Group

Our Founders


True Partnership

Our co-founders, Marc J. Sievers and Ryan L. Sievers, were a smart match from the very beginning.  Before meeting, both had been successful entrepreneurs and founded their own businesses.  As most creative thinkers tend to be, they had become restless for what was "next" and together in 2010 they combined their talents, expertise, and shared passions in the founding of Marc-Ryan Group.

They knew their passions and interests would take their business to places they could not foresee from the outset and so the name they chose for their company combines their first names for a sense of informality and friendliness, and includes the word "group" as a means of inviting and including whatever ventures and business endeavors may come, unbounded by traditional brand dogma.

Founders' Objective

To create positive impacts through strategic thinking and creative action.  We use our expertise to create the very best ideas that will inform, encourage, transform, and inspire real and lasting success for our clients, readers, viewers, and customers.

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 Messrs Sievers ready for a picnic.  Buckingham Fountain, Chicago Illinois

Messrs Sievers ready for a picnic.  Buckingham Fountain, Chicago Illinois

Marc J. Sievers

Co-Founder & Director of Style & Creative Strategy

Marc is a cookbook author, on-air personality, entertaining expert, stylist, and multimedia contributor with nearly two decades of experience.  He has worked across industries including high-end retail, fashion and style, and food and entertaining.  His innovative and creative career has spanned Boston, New York City, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, and Paris.

Marc is a creative and forward-thinking trusted adviser for individuals, brands, and businesses.  He provides an editor's eye to create fresh and chic perspectives that are actionable, marketable, and relevant to the new ways of engaging the contemporary customer and clientele.

Marc partners with his clients to breathe vibrant and lasting life into their vision.  He does this for some of the world's most recognized brands.  Marc's aim with his clients is to invigorate with a renewed and sustainable sense of excitement.  Marc's clientele includes well-known personalities, global brands, and restaurants.

Marc has published two cookbooks, Entertaining with Love and Table for Two, and his third is in development for a 2019 release.  His earthy and elegant aesthetic enables him to create truly easy, chic, flavorful, and accessible food and entertaining recipes and ideas for his readers and viewers.  He is an in-demand creative consultant with a keen eye able to build with the classic and harness the new.

Ryan L. Sievers

Co-Founder & Director of Business Strategy

Ryan is a business strategy expert and entrepreneur working at the forefront of applying creative thinking to real-world business challenges.  He has lived on three continents and worked with a diverse amalgam of clients across many industries, becoming a trusted advisor to global brands and boutique firms alike.

Ryan understands what it means to have a spark of an idea and a passion to create something tangible from it.  Before Marc-Ryan Group he founded Sievers & Co., a business and creative strategy consultancy.  For nearly a decade his firm built a reputation for innovative solutions and creative delivery.

Today, Ryan's business approach is customer-focused and leadership-driven, which means he strives to understand the needs and wants of the customer and dynamics of the market.  He aims to deliver real and competitive value by designing and leading strategically significant programs for his clients.  He partners with his clients to build a solid and focused foundation for their business to invest in innovation and see through execution.

Ryan taught as an adjunct professor of business for five years, and spent three pioneering years at Microsoft developing strategic programs to improve the agility of the company’s former Business Division.  He is a sought-after and trusted advisor, coach, and speaker with a passion for elevating his clients' vision.

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