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We are creators at heart and deeply enjoy the exhilaration and challenge of bringing new ideas to the marketplace.  We are always listening to our clients, customers, readers, and viewers to understand what they want and which of our ideas and passions are a best-fit for the demand we see.  Over the years we have developed a number of brands under the Marc-Ryan Group umbrella.  If you have connected to us at Marc-Ryan Group through one of these, we are happy to have made the connection!  Learn more below about our active endeavors.  On occasion we will share recaps of a few retired concepts, and even a sneak-peak at a few things to come.

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Marc J. Sievers |

The Marc J. Sievers brand encompasses the earthy and elegant sensibilities of our co-founder and Director of Creative Strategy.  Marc's persona is shared across multiple media, including his own website and blog, his YouTube web series, his curated Provisions online store, and his varied contributions to national content outlets.  He also has a vibrant and fresh social media presence.  Marc-Ryan Group produces this robust network of brands and content.

Ryan L. Sievers |

The Ryan L. Sievers, MBA brand is built on the business strategy, marketing communications, and project management expertise of our co-founder and Director of Business Strategy.  Ryan's persona is driven primarily through his website where his blog and valuable business essays are published.  Ryan also writes the Art of Business blog for  He is also researching and making progress on his first book, to debut in 2019.

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Little Prince Press

Little Prince Press will debut in 2019 as the publishing imprint of Marc-Ryan Group.  The projects we currently have in development will debut under the Little Prince Press imprint as a means of distinguishing our published works from the other diverse endeavors also under the Marc-Ryan Group umbrella.  The imprint name is special to both Marc and Ryan.  First, it is a nod to the nickname often used by Marc's late father as his "little prince."  Also, the name Ryan can mean little prince or king in Gaelic, and so Little Prince Press is symbolized with two royal lions with a shared crown.

From My Kitchen to Yours

Marc connects with viewers directly from his very own home kitchen where he teaches and explains with fun and easy-to-follow how-to webisodes.  Produced entirely in-house, Series 1 of From My Kitchen to Yours debuted in January 2013 and established Marc-Ryan Group as a true multimedia content and production company.  In 2018 Marc debuted YouTube Live videos sharing his earthy and elegant everyday moments. #MJSmoments

Watermarc – Art & Appetite

Marc-Ryan Group's launched Watermarc – Art & Appetite as its first foray into consumer products.  Marc collaborated with artist and award-winning photographer and water-colorist Linda Marie Clark to create a collection of fine art quality paper products.  Marc's classic rustic recipes and expert entertaining know-how were brought to life with Linda's vibrant and stunning watercolor interpretations to create very special occasion cards.  The line has since been retired, but that experience gave Marc-Ryan Group the know-how to launch the Provisions line of curated specialty products exclusively at

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