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June is Pride month.  It is a month dedicated to outwardly proclaiming our support and encouragement for LGBT+ people, and those who are allies and supporters.  Visibility and acknowledgement is key to progress.  Learning about people, of all walks of life and their experiences, is critically important to developing understanding and empathy.  Being out and being proud is not always easy, but it is an essential part of the arc of progress to dispel misunderstanding, confusion, and hatred.

This month is particularly important for Marc-Ryan Group as a gay-owned business.  Commerce is an essential element of Pride.  Our livelihood is derived from our passions and interests, and the ability to translate that into a way to support ourselves and invest in our future is the basis of the promise of the American Dream.  What we do is part of the complex fabric of who we are, just as being gay is a part of who we are.   Not that long ago, and in many places still, it was truly risky to be out, and even more daring to show pride.  Blending in to the status quo was the safest option.  But, blending in means sanding away the full and unique aspects that make us who we are as individuals.  And it is that uniqueness that came together for us in our company.  Our work matters to us, and the ability to be open about who we are is just as important.  Without that ability, a part of our spark of creativity would be doused. 

It is important to remember that there is more work to be done for our liberties and freedoms across the LGBT+ spectrum.  We want our voice to be heard loudly in support of gay civil rights, as well as for civic respect.  We gave our logo a rainbow update for Pride month to showcase our support and to emphasize that Marc-Ryan Group is a gay-owned business.  We are proud to be who we are.  We are proud to contribute to our economy and industries as entrepreneurs.  We are proud to be experts in our respective fields.  We cannot imagine doing anything else.

It is also incumbent upon us to say Thank You to the ever-growing and committed ranks of businesses, from major global corporations to small boutiques, who have joined us not just in the celebration of LGBT+ people over the years, but in full and visible support.  We cannot do this alone and seeing other businesses, and the passionate people who work for them, so committed to openness, diversity, and inclusion is heartwarming.  We ask that you continue to stand with us to help obliterate the close-mindedness that remains in this world.  Our efforts together are encouraging, even in the face of backwardness.  We must never give up and we must always show up as a positive force united together.

Business is a means for change.  It is not just about sales and profits.  Capitalism does not have to be so cynical as the intense pace that contemporary business can make it seem.  Commerce is a mechanism that can be directed toward making positive change in peoples’ lives.  How we treat each other—our clients, colleagues, and customers—is the first step to mutual understanding and respect.  How we use our profits and invest in our employees, community, and the longevity of our businesses is also a powerful tool to harness and put to work for the betterment of our civic and social well-being.

Our objective at Marc-Ryan Group is to create positive impacts through strategic thinking and creative action.  We use our expertise to create the very best ideas that will inform, encourage, transform, and inspire real and lasting success for our clients, readers, viewers, and customers.  To bring this to life we must do two things, always:  Proclaim proudly who we are and what we stand for, and to live and work authentically and truthfully.  We as individuals, as a married couple, and as business owners are on a journey of evolution and development.  We are always learning and adapting, but what we can never take for granted is that the fuel for our passion, for life and work, is kindled in the most basic idea that we can be who we are, without pretense or fear.  We can express ourselves, our love, and see our vision come to life because our family, friends, colleagues, and customers see us for who we are and value it.  Being seen and understood as contributors to our community, whether locally in Chicago or globally in our travels and connections, is important to us.

Pride is defined as having a sense of satisfaction and admiration of a particular quality.  We are proud to be gay men and good people committed to supporting and engaging with other good people with the hope of letting our pride have a positive impact on the rest of the world.  In this month of June we emphasize our pride as part of the LGBT+ community and our commitment to gay civil rights, visibility, and inclusion.  Please join us in celebrating Pride and carrying forward the rainbow-colored torch of progress, always.

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