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One of the founding purposes of Marc-Ryan Group was to develop and publish our first cookbook.  We set out to harness the emerging potential of independent publishing with our experience of great writing and design.  Since our first book came to market in 2012 we have built an unrivaled capability to plan, design, and publish original content as an independent publisher.  In fact, Marc-Ryan Group is the only independent publisher to have titles carried by Williams-Sonoma.  We offer our expertise to clients who are looking to navigate the complexities of the independent publishing industry.


Independent Publishing

We provide industry guidance and individualized planning strategies for our clients to help them bring their creative written work to market.  Our expertise includes content strategy and planning, physical book design and production, print contracting and management, and digital mediums and monetization.

Creative Briefs & Book Proposals

Creative ideas take planning and execution to turn them into written words and in the hands of readers.  We help clients develop their book, manifest, and original content concepts into creative briefs and proposals to help them establish a project managed approach and as a means of pitching and selling their work.

Asset Planning & Design

Great design is just as important to delivering your content effectively as the written words themselves.  We work with our clients to create bespoke and original designs for their content formatting and final published products, as well as supporting assets such as promotional materials and presentation companions.

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To understand how our publishing and media capabilities can help you achieve your multimedia strategy explore Our Work & Approach and view our portfolio.


What We Do:  Business Strategy / Creative Design / Publishing & Media / Food & Style Consulting